Book Cover Artwork & Design

The Soul Sleep Cycle

If Souls Can Sleep is the first in a series of genre-bending novels by David Williams. The composition for the covers were designed to convey specific emotions and be consistent with other covers in the trilogy. 

You can purchase the first two novels of The Soul Sleep Cycle now on Amazon or learn more about the series on the author's blog and website.


If Souls Can Sleep
Souls' artwork is a dreamy visual that depicts the main protagonist and one character's identity that is shrouded by a unique mask. The mask is described as "owl-like" with large eyes and made of wood, and it was created using images of plague doctor masks, wooden statues, and concrete bird sculptures. The overarching tone of the artwork was to depict sadness and enigma.


If Sin Dwells Deep
For the sequel of the series, the cover's tone shifts from sad and hazy to chaotic and vehement. The characters featured on the cover include 'The Wolf,' described as having black fur, and Syn, a mischievous young woman with specific visual traits including blonde hair with pink highlights and heavy makeup. Several different images were composited together to bring Syn and The Wolf's unique physical characteristics to life.


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